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The Northeastern University Press was founded in 1977. Its publications focused on the areas of criminology, history, musicology, and women’s studies, with an emphasis on local and regional topics. In addition to new material, the Press published new editions or new compilations of work by historical figures such as Louisa May Alcott, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Samuel Eliot Morison. The press also republished notable fiction, including Grace Metalious’s Peyton Place and works in the Northeastern Library of Black Literature series. In addition, the press distributed material for American museums and historical institutions, such as the Massachusetts Historical Society and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.

In 2004, Northeastern University Press closed; the university entered into a partnership with the University Press of New England, which continued to publish new titles and reprints under the NUP imprint. The production of new titles ceased in 2015, but UPNE continues to handle reprints and management of NUP titles still in print. The records of Northeastern University Press are held in our Archives and Special Collections.

In partnership with UPNE, the Digital Publishing program is working to bring selected out-of-print Northeastern University Press titles to a new audience through the creation of open-access digital editions. The digital editions on our growing list, below, are free to read and download as PDFs; in the near future, readers will be able to purchase print-on-demand copies.
Emotional Trials
Siemsen, Cynthia
Global Pirates
Tillman, Robert
Kiss of Death
Bessler, John D.
Gun Violence in America
DeConde, Alexander
America Without the Death Penalty
Galliher, John F.
Koch, Larry Wayne
Keys, David P.
Guess, Teresa J.
The Bitter Fruit of American Justice
Clarke, Alan W.
Whitt, Laurelyn
In the Company of Men
Gruber, James E.
Morgan, Phoebe
Execution's Doorstep
Lytle, Leslie

Northeastern University Press Digital Editions

KissOfDeath-front-cropped-bw for web


Bessler, John D.
Kiss of Death: America’s Love Affair with the Death Penalty



bitter fruit-front jacket for web


Clarke, Alan W. and Whitt, Laurelyn
The Bitter Fruit of American Justice: International and Domestic Resistance to the Death Penalty



deconde front cover for web


DeConde, Alexander
Gun Violence in America: The Struggle for Control



galliher front jacket for web


Galliher, John F.; Koch, Larry W.; Keys, David Patrick; Guess, Teresa J.
America Without the Death Penalty: States Leading the Way





Gruber, James E. and Morgan, Phoebe, editors
In the Company of Men: Male Dominance and Sexual Harassment





Lytle, Leslie
Execution’s Doorstep: True Stories of the Innocent and Near Damned





Roessner, Jane
A Decent Place to Live: From Columbia Point to Harbor Point: A Community History





Siemsen, Cynthia
Emotional Trials: The Moral Dilemmas of Women Criminal Defense Attorneys





Tillman, Robert
Global Pirates: Fraud in the Offshore Insurance Industry